What are time of use rates? Your TOU guide

By Sunny Wang, Director of Government Affairs and Communications, solar aurora

With sunny skies in California all year round, ambitious climate change targets, and a selection of financial incentives and benefits to choose from, solar energy can be cheaper than you think.

The exact cost of your PV system (and how much you save on your utility bill) depends on a list of factors. Some include the size of your PV system, which installer you choose, eligible solar premiums, which utilities your area and their electricity tariff structureand how much power you use.

Regardless of where you live in California, there are a few solar benefits and savings for you, including: Property Rated Clean Energy (PACE), property tax exemption for PV systems, and net energy metering (NEM). Another solar tax incentive that is quite substantial is the federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment deduction (ITC). Read on to learn more about this offering and more.

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