Watkins Construction & Roofing of Jackson Missisisppi Adds Roof Washing & Treatment to Services Lineup


Mississippi-based Watkins Construction & Roofing announced today that they have launched exclusively for Mississippi roof cleaning and treatment services.

We had wanted to add roof cleaning for a long time, but waited until we found a system like Roof-A-Cide that was safe for the environment, children, pets and the home.”

— Michael Dier

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2021 /ENDdresswire.com/ — Watkins Construction & Roofing, a renowned Jackson, Mississippi-based roofer, wants to make all Mississippi homeowners aware of the positive benefits of washing and treating their roofing systems with the Roof-A-Cide roof cleaning and treatment system. Watkins Construction & Roofing states that their customers are amazed at how much better their roof looks when the wash the roof & treatment has been performed. The company also claims that the benefits of regular roof treatment go well beyond making a roof look much better. Watkins Construction & Roofing has the only roof washing and treatment services that are guaranteed to keep a roof algae free for two full years and are EPA approved. Watkins Construction & Roofing’s exclusive roof cleaning and treatment services are explained in more detail on their website which can be found at nomoreroofstains.com

Business owner, Michael Dier, says, “We’ve wanted to add roof washing for a long time, but waited until we found a system like Roof-A-Cide that was safe for the environment, children, pets and the home.” Dier added that when they wash and treat someone’s roof with their exclusive and proven Roof-A-Cide system, it’s not the only goal they have in mind to make a roof look like new again. . By removing unwanted roof contaminants such as mold and mildew, they help maintain and protect a person’s roof system. Contaminants left on a roof for too long can settle in tiles, asphalt shingles and other roofing materials and cause these materials to break down and dry out. Often these contaminants will also lead to the appearance of unsightly spots and streaks on a roof. Dier pointed out that periodic roof treatment will help protect and extend the life of any roofing material when done every two years. He says they are always happy to discuss this service in more detail with anyone and the best way to do that is to fill out the form found on the contact page of their website at nomoreroofstains.com.

About Watkins:

Watkins Construction & Roofing has been a full service commercial and residential roofing company for over 20 years. When you choose Watkins, you choose Five Star customer service and an exceptional roof system. Our customers refer us and use our company for all their roofing needs because of our commitment to speed, organization, quality products, fair prices and agility. Watkins has proven experience, an excellent reputation and the power needed for any major residential or commercial roofing project. Watkins serves Ridgeland, Madison, Greater Jackson, MS.

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Roof washing and treatment in Jackson Mississippi

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