Verogy installs 77-kW solar project on Connecticut school

Verogy, a Hartford-based solar developer, has announced that Stone Academy, a career-oriented higher education institution, has been awarded Permission to Operate (PTO) in Waterbury for its recently completed 77 kW rooftop solar project. Stone Academy owns the 192-module array and will use the clean energy produced for the school’s operations.

“In addition to the positive impact this project will have on the environment, the cost savings associated with integrating renewable energy into Stone Academy’s operations is a huge win for the school,” said William Herchel, CEO of Verogy. “Not only will this rooftop array offset 96% of Stone Academy’s operating costs, but it will position the school as an innovative leader in the state’s education sector.”

In addition to the project’s energy cost savings, Stone Academy was awarded a contract within Connecticut’s ZREC (Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit) program, which was the primary source of funding for the array, offsetting nearly 80% of the cost.

News item from Verogy

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