Upcoming hurricane season cause for concern to homeowners with non-metal roofs, says Alliance Group

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL., June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — With forecasters predicting as many as 10 hurricanes and 20 storms this hurricane season, the owner of a Port St Lucie roofing company warns that some Florida homeowners are not as prepared as they think they are due to the materials and age of their roofs.

Adam Ryckman, founder and CEO of Alliance Group LLC, a roofing and general contractor company, said, “Roofs are usually the last thing on people’s minds when thinking about how to prepare for hurricane season, but we’re all quick to get in. see how important they are when we consider how devastated our homes would be if the roof were torn off or significantly damaged.”

Buildings most at risk are those with roofs that have not been replaced in the last 15 years or are not made of metal. “Metal is easily the best material for Florida roofs,” added Ryckman. “I do believe that every house along the Florida coast should be decorated with beautiful metal plates.”

Metal roofs are more durable than any other type of roof, they are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance, Ryckman said. “It can be as affordable as a shingle roof if property owners use companies like ours that manufacture our own sheet metal in-house.”

Researchers predict a range of three to 10 hurricanes and as many as 20 storms, according to the Tampa Bay Times, which are much larger than the number that hit the Sunshine State in 2020.

“You can never be too safe when it comes to preparing your building so that it doesn’t become a prime candidate for the front page of the news,” he said. Dylan Saibic, the operations manager at Alliance Group.

Homeowners of most concern to Ryckman are those who have moved from other states who have purchased homes in Florida after the pandemic. “I hear we have a lot of new home buyers in the area. I’m afraid they bought a house with poorer quality roofs that could be significantly damaged in the first impact of a storm,” he said. “It’s understandable given the demand for the local housing market at the moment, but equipping their roofs with sheet metal should definitely be a top priority.”

Commercial buildings can also fall victim to the storm season, says Ryckman. “While we’ve had a lot of new commercial developments in this area, some of the smaller and older businesses and malls I see while driving haven’t had repairs or restorations in the past two decades. Commercial property owners will want to sooner rather than later. act later.”

Owners should check with their home or property insurance company to cover the cost, Ryckman said. “Usually, paying for roof repair and/or restoration is something that homeowners insurance will help cover. Whether that’s an option for you or not, look for companies like Alliance that offer financing options if that’s a concern for the homeowner.”

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