UGE deploys eight solar microgrids for NYC resiliency program

UGE International has designed and implemented eight state-of-the-art microgrid systems for communities in New York City as part of an energy recovery program after Hurricane Sandy. UGE’s microgrids, which use SimpliPhi Power’s next-generation LFP batteries, natural gas generators and rooftop solar installations, will provide residents and businesses with energy security in the event of another major power outage.

The microgrids are part of the City’s RISE:NYC portfolio, developed in response to Sandy-related power outages through an innovative partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). After Hurricane Sandy caused $19 billion in losses to small businesses in October 2012, leaving more than 2.2 million people without electricity, NYCEDC developed the RISE:NYC program, which aims to strengthen the area’s energy resilience, reduce electricity costs, mitigate disaster losses and prepare for climate change. NYCEDC awarded funding to UGE to provide uninterrupted power to small businesses and residents, even in the event of a utility outage.

“Hurricane Sandy gave New Yorkers a glimpse of the impact climate change can have on businesses, residents and our electrical grid, and the recent devastation from Hurricane Ida shows us that we all need to be prepared,” said UGE Director Mateo Chaskel. “UGE is proud to provide renewable energy microgrid systems that can provide off-grid clean power when the grid is compromised by storms and an uncertain climate.”

Small businesses and building owners like RISE:NYC beneficiary Joe Tirone were devastated by the flooding and power outages from Hurricane Sandy. The UGE microgrids will protect these individuals and companies from potentially devastating storms in the future.

“Sandy was a wake-up call. This microgrid will ensure that my building will not suffer the same consequences in the future,” said Tirone, a real estate professional in Staten Island. “Floods and blackouts threaten our livelihoods, our homes and our security. It’s time for all of us to innovate and RISE:NYC is a great resource.”

The portfolio’s eight locations are located in Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Rockaways in Queens.

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