Trillium Facility Solutions Launches Cutting Edge HVAC IoT

DETROIT, Mich., April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – National provider of innovative facility maintenance Trillium Facility Solutions announced today that it is expanding its offering with HVAC IoT sensors and sensor monitoring services. This announcement comes as the company completes its sixth consecutive year of double-digit growth.

“The past year and a half has been wild for the company we serve. We are ecstatic to share this news with our customers, who are now more than ever looking for real cost savings, ”said Zoran Ploscar, CEO of Trillium. “This is an incredible technology. It sounds like science fiction – assets that essentially report on themselves. And yet this is where the future of facility management lies. “

Traditionally, commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units receive quarterly preventive maintenance, which typically includes a performance check, diagnosis of any identified problems and a filter change. While this strategy can address performance issues early on, it is limited in that it can create allowances for unnecessary preplanned visits and ultimately allow for human error.

IoT (Internet of Things) technology is changing this by a condition-based maintenance strategy, which enables users to make data-driven decisions about their assets based on their real-time conditions. IoT sensors work by connecting to the HVAC unit and collecting data to learn about system performance. “IoT sensors are a breakthrough for our HVAC customers,” noted Ploscar. “We are talking about a device that poses a triple threat as it monitors HVAC performance, diagnoses problems and alerts the customer or automatically generates a service order, saving both time and money.”

To launch its HVAC IoT sensor program, Trillium has partnered with Talos IoT, which produces cloud monitoring for the device as well as host.

“We are delighted to partner with Trillium as they enter the world of IoT,” said Michael Scelzi, CEO of Talos IoT. “The timing is right for this opportunity for both of our companies. Our existing customers have reported a 40-60% reduction in preventive maintenance costs, and we are pleased to extend this offering to Trillium’s customer base. “

In addition to lowering maintenance costs, companies using HVAC IoT services also benefit from a 25% reduction in maintenance costs, up to 70% elimination of outages and up to 50% less unplanned downtime.

Trillium IoT will be launched this summer. Individuals who want more information about Trillium’s HVAC IoT monitoring services can learn more here or contact

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Talos is a cloud-based electronic monitoring system that provides proactive, real-time HVAC system status, usage, failure alerts, efficiency data and repair solutions. This powerful analysis tool continuously monitors the performance and energy consumption of your building. If a potential problem is detected, Talos will send an alert via SMS and / or email. Tap to accept and Talos will send a work order to your preferred service provider. Talos uses automatic machine learning to benchmark each system and identify specific problems immediately. Talos is peace of mind.

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