Tigo Energy releases Energy Intelligence commissioning and monitoring platform

Tigo Energy unveiled its Energy Intelligence (EI) solution, a comprehensive digital platform designed to optimize the installer experience around commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of fleets of solar installations.

For solar installers, operations and maintenance represent a significant and ongoing burden due to the lack of visibility of the module-level information. Tigo EI quickly identifies problems that increase the number of trucks, undermine energy output and undermine the economic success of said installations. EI also provides the tools to reduce operating and maintenance costs, increase system performance and revenue, and improve the user experience for both installers and customers. The platform also simplifies the commissioning process by providing greater system visibility and information to end installers and EPCs.

“Fleet management technology is the next major driver in renewable energy, and the Tigo EI Platform will accelerate this domain with enhanced data collection and analysis software,” said Archie Roboostoff, VP of software at Tigo Energy. “We are confident that the upgraded EI Solution solution will help installers advance their energy systems and we look forward to seeing the results.”

Tigo Energy supports installers’ revenue and strategic goals through a holistic approach to energy management and by providing high-quality hardware and smart software solutions. With hundreds of terabytes of solar system performance data collected to date, the value of the resulting analyzes continues to grow. Installers have the ability to choose what works best for their systems and fleets. Key features of the EI solution that will enhance the installer experience and interaction include:

  • Fleet management view for installers to easily sort and analyze installed systems

  • Flowcharts with interactive charts that present archived and real-time power generation and distribution data

  • Advanced performance reports designed to reduce warning fatigue for installers

  • Updated advanced map pages with a calendar flow and income statistics to reflect the monetary equivalent of energy production.

  • Innovative kiosk display with energy details for system owners to illustrate their commitment to renewable energy to friends, colleagues and customers

The platform is available on the web and as a mobile application called Tigo EI on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

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