Three developers team up on 24-MW community solar portfolio in Maryland

Solar development leaders OneEnergy Renewables, CleanChoice Energy and Standard Solar announced a partnership to build nine community solar projects in Maryland. Development work on the 24-MW portfolio has been completed and four of the nine projects are operational.

As part of Maryland’s Community Solar Pilot program, the projects will enable Maryland residents to save up to 10% on their energy bills based on the electricity generated by the projects. The 24 MW portfolio is expected to benefit more than 5,000 Maryland households annually through community solar subscriptions.

The nine projects are spread across five different Maryland counties and three utility areas. All projects are ‘dual-use’, meaning they will function as solar parks and habitats for pollinators.

Standard Solar financed the construction and will own and operate the projects on a long-term basis. OneEnergy worked with the landowners to site, permit, and design the projects, and CCE is responsible for the client acquisition to sign Maryland residents.

Yesterday, Standard Solar, OneEnergy and CCE hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Checkerspot Community Solar site in Tracy’s Landing.

“By partnering with OneEnergy’s talented development team on this statewide portfolio, Standard Solar will help Maryland achieve its renewable energy goals and strengthen its commitment to Maryland,” said Eric Partyka, director of business development for Standard Solar. “Adding these nine dual-use community solar projects to our property portfolio aligns with our goal to increase access to renewable energy for communities across Maryland and to be responsible stewards of environmental resources.”

Together, the projects help Maryland meet its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) goals and contribute significantly to the Maryland community solar market. Maryland currently ranks 17th in the country in solar capacity, with enough solar installed to power more than 153,000 homes.

“We are proud to be able to turn solar energy into another crop for our landowners, enabling many to maintain farms that have been in their family for generations,” said Marni Caroll, VP of development at OneEnergy. “Each project will include a new habitat for native pollinators, who contribute to one in every three bites of food we eat. These projects demonstrate that community solar energy can benefit the power grid we depend on, the air we breathe and the farmlands we love.”

The projects are named after butterflies, pollinators and other local natural landmarks. The projects are as follows:

Anne Arundel County, utility company: BGE

  • Chess spot, 2 MW
  • Bathian, 2.8 MW
  • Patuxent, 2.8 MW

Baltimore County, Nut: BGE

  • Sassafras, 2.4 MW
  • Trillium, 2.8 MW

Howard County, utility company: BGE

  • Metalmark, 2.8 MW
  • Viceroy, 2.6 MW

Prince George’s County, Nut: PEPCO

Dorchester County, Nut: Delmarvac

“Community solar is critical to increasing access to the benefits of solar. Our partnership with Standard Solar and OneEnergy Renewables means thousands of Marylanders can save money while supporting solar power here in the state,” said Tom Matzzie, CEO of CCE: “Community solutions for solar energy and other climate technology enable consumers to be the driving force behind decarbonisation, and CleanChoice is proud to help us move towards a more sustainable future.”

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