‘There Are Good Guys Too!’ Roofers Save The Day For Hoboken Boy

HOBOKEN AND JERSEY CITY, NJ – After a 5-year-old boy in Jersey City told his mom he was afraid to go to the local park because someone swept his scooter, two roofers came in to get him a new one. to buy and restore his faith in humanity.

“He kept saying, ‘Mommy, it’s okay, because there are good guys too, like my friends,’” said Hope Donovan, who recently moved to Jersey City Heights after living in Hoboken for seven years.

The story began in late April when Donovan took her son to Washington Park, a 22-acre park on the Jersey City border, up the hill from Hoboken. The family had gone up the hill last year for more space after welcoming a new baby.

While Donovan and her son played in Washington Park, the 5-year-old’s scooter disappeared.

According to Donovan, her son told her he no longer wanted to go to the park because of the ‘bad guys’.

In search of the missing scooter, Donovan posted the story to Facebook discussion groups for parents in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Then Nick Bilyk and James Ubl, two employees of Elite Roofing in Bayonne, happened to see Donovan’s messages. The couple had been working on Hope’s new home months earlier, fixing a leaky roof.

Bilyk and Ubl contacted Donovan to get the boy a new scooter.

Thanks to Hope Donovan

Donovan posted a follow-up to a mommy group in Hoboken on April 30, a post that received more than 460 “likes” from other parents.

“I know everyone is always looking for good contractors, but I love it when they are good people too,” she wrote. “I posted to a parent group over the weekend that my son’s scooter was stolen from Washington Park and that he was upset about bad guys and didn’t want to go to the park anymore. James and Nick from Elite Roofing were so angry with him that she showed up this week with a new scooter! “

She added, “Most importantly, they told him he could go back to the park because they would watch out for the bad guys in front of him.”

Hope told Patch it was a coincidence that James and Nick saw her post on Facebook.

“They replaced our roof months ago, and in addition to being on budget, on time and beautifully done,” she said, “they also told me that once you’re a customer, you’re family.”

After Patch reached out, Nick Bilyk agreed that was their philosophy. He added, “We [James and Nick] were having lunch on a Saturday and as we scrolled through our social media we saw the Donovan family report that their 5 year old son’s scooter had been stolen in the park. “

He said, “We could just feel that poor kid’s disappointment because we’ve all been in similar situations as kids. We wanted to make sure our little guy not only got his scooter back, but he wasn’t afraid to get into the playground to play. park. “

He added, “No child should be afraid to play in their local park! We believe in promoting kindness in the community!”

Donovan said, “The scooter was so great, but also the reassurance they gave my son when they told him they would be worried about the bad guys, so he didn’t have to. [It] really helped him get over one of his worst experiences. “

She also said that when two men repaired her roof last year, they generously repaired “half a dozen things around the outside of the house at no cost.”

Perhaps they followed a creed endorsed by the roofer in the classic New Jersey comedy movie “Clerks”: “A roofer listens to [his heart]. Not his wallet. ‘

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