The worst of Houston summer is here. This Reddit user’s tips can help tame the heat.

It’s that season when you sweat for no reason.

July 27 to August 20 is historically the time when Houston has the hottest weather of the year, with an average maximum temperature of 95 degrees and an average minimum temperature of 75 degrees, according to Space City meteorologist Eric Berger.

This summer is no different, but there are tricks to get through the worst.

A local Reddit user, Aintaword, came up with a comprehensive list of ways to make the intense heat more bearable.

Some great suggestions include cleaning or replacing your HVAC filters and cleaning the exterior condenser unit.

“Turn off the HVAC and spray the fins from the inside out, using a garden hose, not a trailer-mounted pressure washer,” the user wrote.

“Better airflow is better cooling.”

They also mentioned getting a spare capacitor, learning how to replace it, and an early start with an HVAC technician.

“Schedule an HVAC technician now, as most businesses get busy when the temperature reaches 100 degrees,” Aintaword wrote.

They also suggested adding anything that keeps the sun out of your home and vehicle, including window shades, aluminum foil, heavy interior blinds or curtains on windows, parking in a garage or shade, and using windshield covers.

“We isolate everything,” Aintaword wrote.

“We put bubble wrap insulation on the metal garage door years ago. That made a huge difference.”

The good news is that, according to Berger, we won’t see a heat wave, which is an intense high pressure that is right over the region, constantly pushing temperatures into the 100s.

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