Terrasun to provide energy storage solutions for 174-MW solar, 352-MWh storage project in California

IHI Terrasun Solutions, a subsidiary of IHI Corp., has signed an agreement with Leeward Renewable Energy to provide energy storage system solutions and lifecycle services for Leeward’s Willow Springs 3 and Chaparral Solar large-scale solar and storage projects in Kern County, California.

Upon completion of the respective construction projects, Willow Springs 3 and Chaparral Solar will jointly be able to generate 174 MW of clean energy and have a storage capacity of 88 MW/352 MWh. Terrasun will support Leeward’s business of the energy storage system portions of both solar and storage facilities to bring their customers one step closer to delivering renewable energy and carbon neutral portfolios.

“We look forward to working with Leeward on these projects,” said Jamal Burki, president of IHI Terrasun Solutions. “Based on our repeated success in the distributed generation applications, we are focused on providing the same adaptable technology and flexible suite of services for these utility-scale projects. I am also excited about the collaborative spirit that the Leeward and Terrasun teams have shown while developing the solution. We look forward to seeing the projects progress successfully.”

Terrasun’s technology-agnostic approach integrates multiple high-performance batteries, inverter technologies and intelligent system controls into offerings that enable customers to develop and deploy the ideal energy storage solution for their needs. Terrasun’s dedication to software and operational maintenance will ensure performance for the long-term project with a profitable and stable balance sheet.

“Terraceun’s energy storage and lifecycle services will enhance our projects’ ability to send reliable clean energy to our customers. Leeward is proud to partner with Terrasun on this important step in the growth of solar and storage projects in harnessing renewable energy to power our world,” said Mark Hensley, SVP of Project Execution for Leeward.

Construction will start in December 2021 and should be completed in December 2022.

News item from IHI

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