SWFL roofing companies experience high call volume after Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa brought heavy rainfall and strong winds through southwest Florida.

The rain and wind caused damage to many homes in the area, especially in Cape Coral. Now roofing companies say they have been inundated with calls from customers in the area saying they need repairs for leaks.

Savannah Skaggs, a receptionist at Nastar Roofing in Cape Coral, said their call volume skyrocketed after Tuesday’s tropical storm.

Down the street from Nastar is Champions Roofing. Ian Vasta, the company’s sales manager, said they are going through the same thing, but while calls are high, these types of calls are typical for this time of year.

“A lot of things will be exposed now, so people will find leaks,” Vasta said.

Crews from both Nastar and Champions were dispatched to check for complaints they had received from homeowners. The crews checked out by the house champions appeared to have suffered damage from Tuesday’s winds.

“It ranges from small leaks to gouging through their house,” Skaggs said.

Near a house in Cape Coral, a Nastar crew laid a tarp over damage caused by a branch of a palm tree.

However, because some roofs are still wet, roofers can’t do much until things are dry.

Roofers say that despite having to wait for everything to dry and an increase in phone calls, they are willing to tackle anything and don’t expect any delays in repairs.

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