SunModo’s new NanoMount vs. SoloFlash

There are many residential mounting and shelving products on the market and no manufacturer offers more options than SunModoFrom residential roofs to large-scale ground mounting and everything in between, SunModo has the most comprehensive solar mounting and racking solutions. Choosing between them can be daunting. On residential shingle roofs, for example, there is the innovative new patented NanoMount and the more conventional SoloFlash. Why choose one over the other? This may depend on the application or your personal preferences.


Damaging shingles used to be one of the biggest challenges for solar installers. SunModo’s latest patented NanoMount® eliminates the need to lift shingles and drastically reduces installation time.

The holder is made of an aesthetically pleasing one-piece cast aluminum construction and then powder coated for added protection against oxidation.

The NanoMount® has an integrated Ultra Soft Weather Sealing gasket that covers the entire bottom of the mount and is recessed to ensure proper compression. The Ultra Soft material adapts to uneven roof surfaces. There are no pre-punched holes, so the giant gasket seals around the screws for superior puncture protection on roof surfaces. Pre-assembled sealing washers are supplied with lag screw or decking screws to prevent water ingress from above.

NanoMount has the flexibility to cover a wide variety of scenarios and preferences with its adjustable base that can be used for rafter or deck mounting.

The patented holder is approved for high speed hurricane zone – passed TAS 100 (a) wind powered rain test.

Advantages of NanoMount

  • The fastest fastening solution on the market
  • Versatile mounting options, including direct-to-decking.
  • Eliminates the need to lift shingles and prevents shingles damage.
  • All materials are compatible with asphalt shingles and single-layer roofing membranes.

Preventing shingles damage is a big key, and NanoMount doesn’t have to disrupt shingles. With NanoMount there is no need to pop nails and damage shingles to slide. This means brittle shingles won’t break during cold weather, or soft shingles will tear on hot days.

One point of attention is that all materials are compatible with composite gravel. The high quality neoprene gasket has a good balance of properties, including good resistance to chemicals, water, sunlight and oxidation.

Check out this for a more interactive look at SunModo’s new NanoMount video


The recently introduced SoloFlash is a more conventional flashing if your jurisdiction requires the use of a metal flashing roof mount. The holder consists of only three components and is mounted on the roof in just three simple steps.

SoloFlash is an economical slab with 6 levels of protection against water ingress and requires only one tool for installation. The open L-base has 360 degree positioning and serrated surfaces on both sides for quick rail mounting. The cone-shaped design diverts water away from the roof terminal. A stamped relief feature stiffens the flash to minimize bending. Alignment marks allow for easy installation.

Both NanoMount and SoloFlash are High Velocity Hurricane Zone approved and have passed the TAS 100 (a) Wind-Driven Rain Test.


Choose NanoMount if you want the fastest installation that prevents damage to shingles while providing the flexibility of both the rafter and deck.

Choose SoloFlash if your jurisdiction requires the use of a metal flashing roof mount, or if you want the cheapest option on the market.

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