Summit Ridge Energy completes 1st project in 200-MW Maine community solar portfolio

Summit Ridge Energy completed the first project in its 200 MW Maine community solar portfolio, a 6.3 MWDC array in Hermon that will serve 850 households and small businesses in the state.

“SRE’s execution culture relies on financial partners who are as committed to solar in the community as we are,” said Adam Kuehne, Chief Investment Officer, SRE. “SRE and our JV partners at [Osaka Gas USA] are delighted that both Foss & Company and Live Oak Bank are motivated to join us in investing capital in the fast-growing community solar industry.”

The project is owned by SRE’s joint venture with Osaka Gas USA and is the first of a 24-MW portfolio that will be operational next summer.

“We are proud to support high impact projects like this one. Not only will they reduce energy costs for local residents and small businesses and increase access to renewable energy, they will also contribute in a very positive way to economic growth in the state,” said Bryen Alperin, director of renewable energy and sustainable technologies at Foss. . & Business.

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