Storm rips roofs off homes in Belgium – drone footage reveals damage


A storm, likened by the mayor to a tornado, has severely damaged at least 70 properties and injured 17 people in the Belgian city of Beauraing.

In the aftermath, the mayor, Marc Lejeune, said: “Even in the buildings, the wind has blown in and shattered windows and torn doors. So on a material level it is [the damage] is quite large.”

Drone footage – as seen in the video above – shows that the roofs of several houses have been lifted, while local media reported that a school and a sports hall were also destroyed.

A restaurant worker said when the storm hit on Saturday night, “Everyone was screaming and running in all directions, some people were injured… it was just one gust of wind.”

Restaurant owner Eddy Huysmans said: “Ten seconds were enough to blow everything away. It’s catastrophic, we’ve just been through it. It’s going to be difficult.”

Another resident told Reuters: “I walked down the stairs, opened the door and saw my wife’s car had been blown into the garage.”

The city’s cultural center was established to provide temporary shelter for victims of the storm.

Video Editor: Pedro Duarte

Source(s): Reuters

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