Stanton makes a big splash in hard surface pool

stanton was one of the last traditional carpet factories to make the leap to hard surfaces, entering the category in 2020. Instead of dipping its proverbial toe into the exploding luxury vinyl pool, it went like a cannonball and made a splash almost immediately.

Stanton Decorative Waterproof Flooring (DWF) was introduced in January 2020 with 24 SKUs. Despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent slowdown in the supply chain, Stanton added 36 additional products in 2021, along with longer and wider 9 x 60 shelves; a unique and decorative 4-inch wide product; and Vanguard, the glued-on commercial offering. And that’s just the beginning, according to John Rocconi, Stanton’s senior director of hard surfaces. “We will continue to invest in this strategic category as it becomes a larger part of our overall offering.”

Rocconi told FCNews that Stanton did his due diligence before hitting hard surfaces. It spent a lot of time learning about each region in the US and trying to understand what was selling visually locally. Then it adjusted its patterns and colors until it was just right. “We have something for every market,” Rocconi said. “We’re getting very positive feedback about our merchandising, which has a clean and sophisticated look and feel and large sample boards with great product reveals.”

Retailers respond

Through his long term success in carpet, Stanton has earned a legion of retail support in the soft surfaces field for his many great designs and range of colors and patterns. It is now also making a statement with its LVP program.

Leo Iasenza, owner of Carpet Designs in Delray Beach, Florida, said Stanton’s hard surface color choices set it apart from the rest. “To me, that’s really their claim to fame – the color choices. They really offer colors that no one else has. They have a beautiful line, very complete. Stanton is one of the few companies that offers light colors – white and light gray – as well as charcoal and black. We sell a ton of their Blanco line.”

Iasenza also gave Stanton top marks for sticking to pricing as best he could, noting that all hard surface companies have had to raise prices, with Stanton being no exception. Still, he said: “They tend to keep their prices in check so that they don’t look out of place like many of my customers. They offer a reasonably priced product with a good wear layer that is easy to fit, with colors that no one can match. otherwise.”

In anticipation of supply chain concerns, Sterling Carpet & Flooring, Anaheim, Calif., notified Stanton’s LVP inventory early in the program’s launch. The move has worked out well for co-owner Dan Mandel, who has had success with their line. “Their service and product quality were excellent, which is the standard for Stanton.”

Like others, Mandel mentioned Stanton’s unique colors, which, he said, set them apart from his competitors. He named Midnight Black and Ivory White as two winners. “While these colors aren’t for everyone, customers looking to make a bold statement with their floors have been drawn to this line based on just those colors.”

Joel Schreier, president of Chicago-based Home Carpet One, has had success with Stanton in carpet for many years and said he likes what he sees in hard surfaces so far. “They have distinguished themselves with the cleanest designs on the market, with an updated color line,” he said. “Unlike many other suppliers, their inventory position is very strong, which is more important today than ever.”

Stanton said it has big plans for 2022 with its biggest Stanton DWF launch yet. The first part of that introduction is a large format, 16 x 32 SPC tile in 12 clean, light colors. “We will have another major addition of wood visuals to complement our current offering and complete the collection,” explains Rocconi. “And we also have one or two surprises in the works.”

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