St. Johns County Army veteran Paul Bass gets help with damaged roof

Roof was leaking

St. Johns County Army veteran Paul Bass, 90, and his wife, Dolores, lived under a damaged roof in Flagler Estates without the resources to fix it themselves. Read also : Low-Slope Roofing Market Report – Comprehensive Analysis on Global Market by Company, by Dynamics, by Region, by Type, and by Application (2020-2027) – KSU.

But with the help of local volunteers and businesses, the Bass family doesn’t have to worry about paying for it.

The St. Johns County Veterans Council, a nonprofit, learned about Bass’s situation and contacted him with assistance. Matthew Reiter, who owns Reiter Roofing with his wife Brittani, donates work to repair the roof. 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply donated materials, Reiter said.

“We want to give something back,” said Matthew Reiter.

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On Wednesday, several workers took the shingles off the roof while Paul Bass sat on a swing in his front yard.

“We have Social Security … and I can’t afford to put a roof on this house,” Bass said.

Born in Ohio, Bass was a hairdresser before becoming a pastor in a family of pastors. He served in the military for a few years starting around 1950 and was a teacher, he said.

Laura Bass, the couple’s daughter, said they had wanted to have the roof repaired for about five years because it was leaking into the house.

“I am very grateful on behalf of my parents,” she said. “I think it’s incredible what they are doing and it’s a blessing.”

Reiter said the value of the work, which is a full roof replacement, is about $ 13,500, and he expects the roof to be ready this week. His company helped a disabled veteran in 2018 in conjunction with the Veterans Council of St. Johns County, and Reiter said he would like to provide more assistance to veterans in the future.

St. Johns County has about 23,000 veterans, and the Veterans Council of St. Johns County helps connect veterans in need with resources in the community, Dudley said.

The Veterans Council helps with things like rent and payments for utilities, transportation, cell phones, and transportation to medical appointments, among other things. The Veterans Council is also involved in the drug treatment court in St. Johns County, Dudley said.

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