Spanish manufacturer Jema Energy announces 1,500-V IFX6 central inverters now available in the U.S.

“Jema has been a leader in power conversion technology for utility grids for decades and has a wealth of experience solving unique project challenges with our customers,” said Mike Reno, VP of Sales and Business Development in the US. “The IFX6 UL certification comes at a time when more advanced network support functionality is required for inverters in the US.”

The IFX6 is available with warranty extensions up to 25 years and guarantees for uptime and return efficiency. In addition, Jema has a customizable training and certification program for O&M personnel in the field, enabling it to perform warranty service on its own.

Whether for a smart grid, microgrid, energy storage, storage augmentation or PV-only project, Jema’s IFX6 inverters and battery chargers provide a comprehensive range of engineering capabilities and flexibility to optimize value, performance and reliability for PV and storage on utility scale.

News item from Jema Energy

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