SolarEdge releases 120-kW inverter for commercial ground-mount solar projects

SolarEdge Technologies announced the launch of its new one 120 kW three-phase inverter with synergy technology. The new SE120K for 480V grids delivers more power and higher profitability in ground-mounted PV plants and maximizes energy production with up to 150% DC oversizing. The solution also includes a built-in nighttime Potential Induced Degradation (PID) rectifier to prevent degradation in module performance.

The new inverter reduces installation time as well as additional costs and introduces an innovative pre-commissioning feature that allows installers to fully and automatically validate system components from their smartphones before connecting to the grid.

Designed to improve system uptime, the modular design is composed of independently operating Synergy Units and controlled by a single management interface. The design combines high capacity with ease of installation and is light enough to be installed by a team of two.

For your use you will find a link to it Product and installation Pictures.

News release from SolarEdge

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