SolarEdge power optimizers make for easier O&M on Rhode Island community solar project

SolarEdge Technologies has delivered a DC-optimized PV system for a 12-acre solar farm in Foster, Rhode Island. The Hartford Pike site is expected to produce more than 6.2 MW of solar energy annually, more than half of which will be made available to local residents and businesses through a community solar system. The site includes a mix of 15,800 bifacial and monofacial solar panels equipped with SolarEdge Power Optimizers to maximize energy production and reduce O&M costs over the life of the system.

The community solar portion of the project, managed on behalf of Sunlight General Capital by renewable energy provider Arcadia, is expected to produce approximately 4.4 million kWh of solar energy in its first year.

SolarEdge was selected for its ability to address traditional challenges for community solar projects, including undulating ground, which can limit module placement, and shade from nearby trees. SolarEdge’s Power Optimizers connect directly to solar modules and enable independent operation, meaning that the underperformance of one module, e.g. due to a mismatch, will not affect the others on the same string, ensuring maximum energy production. In addition, the SolarEdge solution can be placed on any slope or orientation — even on uneven ground — increasing the number of modules that can be used and the amount of energy produced.

“Another important goal is to reduce O&M costs over the life of the system. To optimize energy production at the Hartford Pike project, we need to be able to monitor all 15,800 solar panels in real time and ensure that we can pinpoint any problems quickly and efficiently,” said James Pochez, director of project development at the Hartford Pike project. SunLight General Capital. “The equipment we use will impact our business for the next 25 years or more, so it is in our best interest to choose the best solution available.”

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