Solar installer Lumio acquires home services tech company Unyte

Major regional solar installation company Lumio has acquired Unyte Home Services and will begin offering solar systems with artificial intelligence (AI) service technology in its installation network in 37 states.

Unyte’s technology platform provides Lumio customers with an AI concierge that intelligently answers user questions via SMS, giving them real-time answers without navigating complex sign-up sites or customer service phone trees.

This partnership also adds TV, Internet, home security, pest control and other services for more than 200 million Americans to the Lumio suite of Home Experience (HX) offerings. The resulting platform simplifies and saves consumers money by automating their selection and connection of home services such as TV and the Internet and unifying them with home systems such as solar, security, property management, flood sensors, smart sprinklers and HVAC.

“HomeSphere is excited to further strengthen the relationship we have developed with Kevin Copeland and team. With Lumio, we will work to accelerate the platform vision and deliver the best home services and renewable energy solutions to our major builders and, most importantly, their home buyers,” said Greg Schwarzer, president and CEO of HomeSphere, a Unyte partner.

This acquisition folds another home service platform under the Lumio masthead, streamlining Lumio’s product offering and delivering a more comprehensive and industry-leading technology solution for the Lumio HX stack.

Greg Butterfield, co-founder and chairman of Lumio, comments: “With Unyte’s technology and collaborations, Lumio is now extending value beyond the roof and into the home with the services homeowners use every day. This acquisition is another important step towards establishing HX as a new category that can lead Lumio into a unique position.”

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