Solar Alliance partners with Boyd CAT on full-service southeast solar venture

Solar Alliance Energy has signed a joint development agreement with Boyd Company, a regional Caterpillar dealer, and will open an office in Louisville, Kentucky. Boyd CAT is the authorized dealer of CAT solar equipment for businesses and contractors in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Southeast Ohio.

Under the agreement, Boyd CAT and Solar Alliance will jointly pursue solar opportunities with Boyd CAT providing sales support and solar equipment, and Solar Alliance providing solar design, engineering and installation services.

Together, the two companies will aggressively pursue larger utility-scale solar projects while also continuing to target commercial solar customers in the agricultural, manufacturing and small business sectors. To date, Boyd CAT and Solar Alliance have collaborated on several projects, including the recently completed 1-MW solar project for Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company.

“This joint development agreement is a perfect fit for accelerating our growth in Kentucky and the surrounding states by working closely with Boyd CAT to bring the benefits of solar energy to a wider range of customers,” said CEO Myke Clark. “The Cat solar panel we use is a quality product with a warranty backed by Cat that offers value along with a brand that customers can rely on. That exceptional product combined with Solar Alliance’s technical and installation expertise results in a turnkey solar solution that customers know they can trust. The value of this partnership is immense.”

Opening an office in Louisville provides an ideal location to work closely with Boyd CAT and will also increase efficiency as the two companies continue to grow rapidly in Kentucky. The benefits of this joint development agreement will also be realized outside of Kentucky as the two companies will also pursue opportunities together in the Southeast.

“Solar Alliance aims to become the premier commercial and industrial supplier of solar energy in the US and by partnering with top companies such as Boyd CAT we can bring solar energy to a wider range of consumers. Combined with our build-own-operate strategy whereby Solar Alliance has acquired two build-ready projects in New York, it is clear that the Solar Alliance team will continue to execute on our strategic growth plan and will continue to create value for customers and shareholders,” concludes. Clark.

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