Shaw challenges future generations to reimagine home

Dalton-Shaw Industries said it encourages students to conceptualize the future of the home through sponsorship of the 2021 Bright Spark Virtual Invention Challenge.

Shaw partnered with Bridge Innovate, Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and the Design Foundation to sponsor the competition, which asks the question, “How can we make the homes of the future smarter and more sustainable to meet the ever-changing needs of families?”

Individually or in a team, students are tasked with identifying a real-world need and designing a solution, complete with a 90-second pitch video of their invention submitted online and voted on by the public.

“Shaw uses the principles of Design Thinking to plan for the future needs of floor and home design to develop smarter, better products and services that are focused on the well-being of people and the planet,” explains Jay Henry, director of innovation at Shaw, from. “And since these students are the future, we thought it would be fun to ask them to imagine how they think homes will actively support the ways we all live, entertain, learn and thrive over the next five years. Shaw is committed to creating a better future with customer-centric products, practices and investments, and hearing from these bright, young minds gives us inspiration on how we can design solutions to better support their future.”

Registration is free and open to students worldwide in grades 4-12 (or equivalent) until September 24, 2021. Video entries must be submitted by the end of October and winners will be announced in November.

To register a student or share this information with your local school(s), go to

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