Schönox HS Sturdy boasts proven strength, versatility

HS FirmBy Ken Ryan—Schönox HS Sturdy, a quick-drying, restorative and smoothing compound, was the winner of Best of Surfaces for technology in June. The product incorporates the company’s patented Hybrid Active-Dry technology to create a high-performance solution that combines versatility and power.

HS Sturdy provides a smooth finish on various surfaces in the interior. Schönox HS Sturdy can be installed as a true spring surround to a depth of 2 inches.

HS Sturdy offers installers a fully integrated range of hybrid products that combine the versatility, strength and durability of synthetic plaster with the speed of fast setting cement. It has a low pH, very low emissions and special dust-reducing properties that are said to meet the company’s industry-leading safety targets.

FCNews senior editor, Ken Ryan, spoke with Schönox CEO, Thomas Trissl, to discuss the award-winning product.

Thomas Trissl, CEO of Schönox, encouraged Surfaces visitors to see first-hand the benefits of the patented Hybrid Active-Dry technology.

What was the response at Surfaces to HS Sturdy?

HS Sturdy had a great response at Surfaces. It won Best Technology at this year’s show and with our ‘Hands ON’ theme for the show, we were able to give attendees a chance to apply the material and see the technology in action. We did about six demos a day and each demo had a great turnout.

Can HS Sturdy be used for commercial tasks?

With an extremely wide range of approved substrates such as concrete, plaster and even old floor coverings, HS Sturdy can be used in all situations to speed up installations. Another big advantage is that HS Sturdy offers contractors versatility in the application. The same product can be used as a true skim coat and can also be ramped up to 2 inches. With these features, HS Sturdy can handle a range of common job site problems. The only thing HS Sturdy can’t handle is high humidity situations, but that’s why we have SL.

How long has Hybrid Active-Dry technology been in your product portfolio?

Hybrid Active Dry is a patented technology invented by Schönox and introduced to the US market around 2018. We have always had an excellent reputation for repairing subfloors with our line of synthetic plaster leveling compounds. Our synthetic line of self-leveling compounds dry by evaporation; therefore there is minimal shrinkage, allowing us to apply those products to a range of substrates and focus on reno versus demo.

The only drawback of these products (AP, APF, AST) is that the drying time is slower than their cementitious self-levelling counterparts. We knew that if we could combine the benefits of the non-shrink plastics with the quick-drying cement, we could provide a very attractive solution, and that’s what we achieved.

What benefits does the technology have for installers?

Hybrid Active-Dry enables installers to repair critical substrates, from 1⁄8-inches to 3 inches deep, with the ability to install floor coverings within 48 hours. This ability to repair floors at that depth and speed is only offered by Schönox with our line of hybrid products.

You mentioned that this technology allows HS Sturdy to “dry on site regardless of environmental conditions” with minimal shrinkage or expansion. Can you explain that?

In most flooring situations, manufacturers require the room to be acclimated. Sometimes the room to be acclimatized in the work is only taken into account when it is time to lay the floor covering and not during the preparation process. Hybrid Active-Dry technology ensures that these materials are unaffected by environmental factors. Whether high humidity, cold temperatures or no airflow on construction sites, products with the Schönox Hybrid Active Dry technology dry within the range stated on the technical data sheets. The climates in the North American market can vary wildly from coast to coast, so here at Schonox we aim to provide installers with a product that – regardless of depth – will dry accordingly to ensure construction delays are not an issue.

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