Sam Boak Warns Customers of Local Wildlife that could Damage their Property

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania may not be known as a vast wilderness, but this region still has many open forests and wild areas. Most homeowners here have grown up recognizing the various animals that also make this area their home, such as deer, hundreds of different species of birds, squirrels, and so many other critters. However, there are larger animals in this area that may not be seen as often but should not be overlooked. When a large black bear was spotted in Salem, Ohio, Sam Book, president and founder of Boak & Sons, Inc. realized that this bear is making his way through the areas his company frequents.

Book & Sons, Inc. is a residential and commercial outdoor building contractor based in Youngstown, Ohio serve customers completely from Cleveland, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Salem, Ohio is located in the middle of the Boak & Sons service area and fairly close to the headquarters in youngstown. Due to the proximity of Salem, a lot of Sam Book’s roofers and insulation crews spend quite a bit of time in Salem for both commercial and residential works. When Sam Book heard about the lone black bear, he wanted to reach out to his customers to protect them, his employees and the bear.

“We’ve known that there are black bears living in our area, but it’s not often we actually see one,” he said. Sam Book. “We need to have a shared appreciation for all wildlife. This is also the bear’s home, but we want to make sure our customers and employees stay safe if they happen to cross the bear.”

Sam Book did some research on black bears. He warns customers and our roofers and insulation crews to keep their distance from the bear if they see him. Try not to feed or call the bear and keep an eye on pets when they are outside. To prevent bears from approaching your property, make sure that the waste is in a safe, inaccessible place and that there is no food outside. Keeping your grills clean or storing them in your garage can also protect them from black bear noses.

If you see a bear on your property, do not run from or approach it. Make yourself as tall as possible by spreading your arms or clothing. This feels crazy, but makes as much noise as possible. Yelling, banging on pots and pans, or any other source of noise is likely to scare the bear.

“Showing respect for nature and wildlife is so important, but it’s also important to know the dangers some of these animals can pose,” said Sam Book. “Bears, bobcats and even deer can damage your property if they see something they want! I hope this information can help my employees and our customers feel safe, because safety is our number one rule here at Boak & Sons.”

About Book & Sons:
Book & Sons, Inc. was founded by: Sam Book in 1974 as an insulation contractor. With the high energy costs of the 1970s, Boak & Sons expanded early on in the roofing industry. They offered cost-effective roof installations through advanced technology and equipment, enabling customers to recoup even more in energy savings. Today, Boak & Sons is a residential and commercial contractor for roofing, insulation, sheet metal, siding and gutters. Located in Youngstown, Ohio, the company serves customers in surrounding areas of: Cleveland, Akron, and Canton to cranberry and Pittsburgh. Visit their website for more information about Book & Sons:

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