S-lon makes history – exports roofing sheets to India

S-lon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of The Capital Maharaja Group, recently ventured outside the local market by exporting a shipment of roofing sheets and accessories to neighboring India.

There are several factors that contribute to making S-lon roofing sheets the best on the market. They are resistant to discoloration, mildew, do not require cleaning, look aesthetically pleasing and last longer. The plates are also able to filter out the heat significantly, providing coolness and comfort for tropical establishments and households. This property makes S-lon roofing sheets particularly attractive for the Indian market, where temperatures have risen significantly in recent decades. The roof sheets are easy to install as they are considerably lighter compared to alternatives.

Commenting on the new export venture, Mr. S. C Weerasekera, Capital Maharaja Group’s group director, commented: “At S-lon, we don’t make anything that is unsuitable and safe to be used by our own loved ones. This is the very philosophy that drives us to improve our products through relentless research and development. We don’t pursue certifications, we strive for excellence – in doing so, certifications are awarded to us because we not only meet the required quality standards, but we go further. “

He added: “We are proud to be a Sri Lankan company and see the current turbulent period as an opportune time to enter the foreign market in order to bring in much-needed export earnings to stabilize the rupee. India is also a haven for opportunities as far as the construction industry is concerned and we look forward to a long, meaningful trade relationship with our neighbor. “

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