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We provide in-depth knowledge about roof mounted solar panels and solar installations. Whether you are upgrading your home with solar shingles or looking for the right solar company to install solar panels on your commercial property, Christian Roofing will identify the best solar panels to meet your power generation needs. As a roofing company, we provide a detailed roof inspection prior to installation to ensure solar panels are a safe and effective option for the building. In the event that a new roof or roof upgrades are required, we will recommend cost-effective options that are in line with your budget.

Why choose a solar roof specialist?

Christian Roofing installs solar panels for residential homes, commercial buildings, warehouses, HOAs and public spaces. We work with all roofing materials, including slate, tile, single-ply and shingles. During a detailed inspection, our team will document and measure the strength of your roof to ensure it can accommodate your new solar system. If repairs or adjustments are required prior to installation, our team will propose cost-effective solutions that support your timeline and budget. As a roof specialist, we ensure that your solar system meets all local safety standards, including:

  • Secure and secure attachment to the roof and property structure To see also : How Do I Know if My Roof Passed Inspection.
  • Optimized placement to improve solar energy efficiency
  • Roof repairs and upgrades completed prior to solar panel installation
  • Roofing work performed in accordance with the requirements of the contractors license commission
  • Repairs, installations and maintenance performed to OSHA standards

If you are considering installing a new roof prior to installing your solar panels, please contact our team for a free estimate. Opting for an experienced roofing and solar company will secure your long-term investment.

Get a roof inspection before installing solar panels

To ensure your solar installation is safe for decades to come, our team conducts a detailed assessment before it begins work. If leaks, structural weaknesses or damaged materials are present, we can recommend repairs. Fortunately, most repairs can be easily tackled and completed in a short amount of time. Read also : How to Know When Your Foundation Needs Repair. Therefore, many customers choose to upgrade their roof prior to installing solar. During our visit, we will document the condition, angle, size and style of your roof before confirming that your property is a good candidate for solar. Our detailed checklist includes:

  • Measure the size, angle and area of ​​your roof
  • Documenting the condition of your roofing
  • Identification of leaks, structural problems or required roof repairs
  • Watch out for any damage from rodents, animals or insects
  • Check for adequate sealing, fixings and other roof components

Upon completion of our inspection, we will provide a detailed quote detailing costs for repairs, materials, permits and labor.

Ask for the best in solar roofing systems

At Christian Roofing, we partner with the best solar companies in the industry. Our team of solar contractors provides access to the latest generation of deep cycle batteries, photovoltaic panels and clean energy technology to lower your energy bill. Our solar installation process allows us to recommend the right solar options for your property size, power generation needs, aesthetic preferences and budget. Our solar installers offer advanced options, including:

  • High efficiency and sustainable solar roof shingles
  • Sustainable photovoltaic panels with high energy yields
  • Advanced inverter technology and wiring solutions
  • Aesthetically pleasing, streamlined roof mounting techniques
  • Scalable solutions for both residential and commercial real estate

Look for advanced solar installation techniques

Choose a roof and solar contractor with experience installing solar roof solutions for a variety of homes and properties. Our installation process begins with an analysis of the total sun exposure on your property. We will assess additional factors, such as nearby shade sources and seasonal energy needs, before drawing up an idea of ​​the best system for your roof. Our professional roof inspection will identify any roof repairs required prior to installation. We’ll also review your past utility bills along with solar panel financing options in your area. Our team will assess your use of major appliances such as air conditioners, generators and refrigeration systems before confirming the total energy required. When all these details are complete, we create an installation blueprint for your custom solar panel installation. All installation plans include a timeline, budget and detailed analysis of how your investment will pay for itself over time.

About Christian roofing

Christian Roofing is a Southern California roofing and solar contractor. Over the past two decades, we have installed a wide variety of residential and commercial solar energy systems for properties of all sizes. Our commitment to quality, reliability and customer service makes us one of the best solar and roofing companies in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our solar and solar options.

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