Reader wants nothing but the best for her bidet

Hi Ed, in a recent column you discussed non-electric basic bidet-style toilet seats. I thought this was interesting because I plan to buy a laundry chair. But can you go into details on high-end bidet seats? When I go for it, I want to go all out!

– Janet, Kentucky

Dear Janet: Toilet seats have been a hot topic lately.

The good news is that bidet or wash chairs are now available in many price ranges and include features to suit all users. So if you want a bidet toilet seat, chances are you can find one that fits your needs.

High quality electronic wash toilet seats can include extravagant features such as quiet closing lids, heated seats, heated wash water, warm air drying, pulsating and oscillating front and rear spray wash, UV light cleaning, LED night lighting, odor control systems and even a touchscreen remote control.

Note: High-quality wash chairs can cost more than most restrooms, and you’ll need to install a nearby GFCI. First, add up all the costs to make sure your new high-tech toilet seat doesn’t wipe out your savings account.

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