Rain reveals roof leaks at Dearborn Heights city hall; City officials question delays in repairs – Press and Guide

Heavy rain on June 25 and 26 revealed damaging roof leaks at Dearborn Heights City Hall, raising the question of why approved roofing hasn’t happened sooner.

At the July 13 city council meeting, the agency deferred a new one-stop roofing bid back to the administration, requesting competitive bids, in accordance with the city charter, with the city council planning to reconsider the issue on July 27. meeting.

On December 10, when the late Daniël Paletko was still mayor, the city council awarded Advanced Roofing a contract for the roofing of the city hall.

However, after Bill Bazzi became mayor in February, he revised the contract in March, and the mayor, who has a technical background, discovered several issues with the contract that he was not comfortable with.

“The contract was not specifically designed for this facility, did not specify the roof system the company intended to use or the installation method, and did not specify any warranty period,” Bazzi said. “There were a lot of questions and I won’t sign anything.”

Bazzi instructed city officials to bid for a price for sealing the city hall roof with a silicone coating to extend the life of the roof and minimize the inconvenience to city employees, which would occur if the roof were covered. a more conventional way would be removed and replaced.

“The procedure is less invasive for the daily activities of the building and pedestrians visiting the building, the application is much faster,” said Bazzi. “Most importantly, it’s more cost-effective, with an average savings of 30 percent compared to tearing off and replacing the entire roof system.”

Bazzi asked the city council to approve a $196,250 single source tender from Freedom Contracting of Westland at its July 13 meeting.

City Council Chair Denise Malinowski-Maxwell said a contract of that magnitude would require city staff to seek competitive bids in order to comply with the city charter.

She acknowledged that the recent heavy rains, which exacerbated the roof leaks, had a heavy impact on the city treasurer’s office and that timely repairs were a priority. She also noted that mold remediation may be necessary.

“As an agency, we were unable to award the offer,” Malinowski-Maxwell said. “We have referred it back to the administration for an offer.”

Dearborn Heights City Council has scheduled a July 27 meeting at which it hopes the council can approve a bid for the City Hall roof.

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