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LPG’ Year-long Propane Fuels America series delves deep into how each state benefits from the propane industry. Here’s our report on Alabama.

Total Demand for Odorized Propane (2019): 112 million gallons

US Ranking for Gallons Sold: 34

Gallon sales trend: Alabama has seen an uptick in retail gallon sales in recent years, with 94 million sold in 2017 and 104 million sold in 2018.

Region/Division Gallons Count: South: 2.61 billion; East-South Central: 494 million

Propane LPG School Buses/Districts and Contractors: 379/8

Market Directions

Gala Gas is one of the companies helping to install propane labs at community colleges.  Photo courtesy of Gala Gas Co.  Inc.

Gala Gas is one of the companies helping to install propane labs at community colleges. On the same subject : Plumber to hairstylist, at your fingertips- The New Indian Express. Photo courtesy of Gala Gas Co. Inc.

⦁ Alabama’s propane market has shrunk in recent decades, in part due to low electricity rates and lighter winters, explains Lisa Hill, executive director of the Alabama Propane Gas Association (APGA). Nevertheless, growth areas such as new construction offer opportunities, and last winter brought more extended spells of cold weather, she says.

⦁ APGA worked with the natural gas industry to pass a “gas ban” legislation that prohibits government agencies and utilities from adopting or enforcing policies that prohibit the connection or reconnection of utilities. Unique to Alabama’s law is that propane is explicitly listed in the text as a protected utility, Hill says.

⦁ APGA is a member of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition and is pursuing autogas opportunities, Hill says. Barriers to the adoption of propane-powered vehicles included low gasoline prices and a preference for diesel in the allocation of Volkswagen settlement funds, she explains.

⦁ Alabama propane marketers install propane labs at six community colleges, using grants from the Propane Education & Research Council. The labs support a newly approved curriculum in the Alabama Community College system that includes a propane elective in existing HVAC and plumbing curricula. The program includes instructor training to teach HVAC and plumbing instructors about propane.

⦁ APGA is in the process of creating a “Zoomroom” to hold virtual meetings and live instructor training. The pandemic underscored the benefit of some online training, but the association won’t cut back on in-person training, Hill says.

Quick Facts

State association affiliation: Alabama Propane Gas Association/

Programs: APGA offers discounts for regulators and propane appliances such as water heaters, dryers and logs. It also owns a training center where it provides Certified Employee Training Program courses and hazardous materials training. On the same subject : Adapting plumbing for a global water crisis. Personnel filling cylinders in Alabama complete the Propane Safe Dosing course through APGA to prepare for a required state certification exam.

Party tent events in 2021: The Alabama and Louisiana Propane Societies will hold a joint convention in Pensacola Beach, Florida, June 27-30.

Before COVID-19: Alabama’s propane industry had contributed $156 million to the state economy by 2018. It is too early to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the state’s gross domestic product.

“The best way to market is through our own customer base – put an extra burner tip in every home.” – Lisa Hill, Executive Director, Alabama Propane Gas Association

What is the weather?

Average temperature (2019): To see also : That reminds me of… Fisherman, Bethel and Plumbing.65 degrees F

Annual heating degree days five-year average (2015-19): 2,255
US average: 4.090

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