Plumbing work coming this weekend for Ladysmith downtown washroom – Ladysmith Chronicle

Ladysmith's public plumbing project is starting to take shape.  (Cole Schisler photo)

Ladysmith’s public plumbing project is starting to take shape. (Cole Schisler photo)

Plumbing is coming this weekend for the laundry room in downtown Ladysmith

On Sunday 16 May, work will start at 6 a.m. to connect the facility to water, storm and sewerage

Plumbing will begin on Sunday, May 16 for the public washroom in downtown Ladysmith.

Works to connect the facility to storm, sewer and water services will be performed by David Stalker Excavating. The work will start on Sunday morning at 6 a.m. Sunday was chosen as the best day to perform the work to mitigate the impact on downtown businesses and the early start time was chosen to further mitigate any impact. If all goes well, the work is expected to be finished by 10:00

The waterline is on the west side of First Avenue and the new public facility is on the east side of the street. First Avenue between High Street and Roberts Street will be closed to car traffic between 6 AM and noon that day.

The structure has been built and painted. The paint colors were selected with the help of the Ladysmith and District Historical Society. The exterior of the building features a hardy plank and a monumental facade, so that the building blends in with other buildings on First Avenue.

“The plumbing project is progressing reasonably well and the relatives would like to thank the municipality and the employees for their help and guidance. The support of many local businesses and volunteer organizations has also been a huge asset and has helped make this a truly community project, ”said Kinsmen Project Chair Duck Paterson.

All fixtures were purchased by the Kinsmen and the work is expected to take place in May and June. Work is underway to install a drinking water fountain, flower trays, a sign for the laundry room, a floor plan on the side of the RBC building, and reinstall the Clarence Knight sofa.

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