Plumbers parade themselves as drillers, expert raises the alarm

Plumbers parade themselves like drills, expert raises the alarm

* Advises Nigerians to require an operating permit before putting drills into service

The National President of Association of Waterwell Drilling Ring Owners and Practitioners, AWDROP, Mr. To see also : Building Permits – April 2021 – Michael Ale, has raised the alarm that plumbers posing as drills have hijacked the professional drilling trade in the country.

Ale warned that the unhealthy development poses health risks to the well-being of citizens, and also threatens the health of the environment.

Ale, a world-renowned water and development expert, said Nigerians in need of professional water drilling should obtain operational permits from anyone claiming to be a drill before hiring such a person.

He added that this would prevent them from being robbed by quacks and plumbers who paraded themselves like master downhole drills.

The AWDROP president made the comments at the flag ceremony to start the activities of the Ekiti State Water and Sanitation Regulatory Agency, EK-WASRA.

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Ale, noting that Ekiti’s government had taken a keen interest in making quality, affordable and clean water available to the people of the state, praised the political will of Governor Kayode Fayemi and his team. Read also : Plumbing Software Market Size, Detail Analysis for Business Development, Top Companies 2026.

He advised everyone to develop a very keen interest in the activities of the new agency, EK-WASRA, adding that the need to monitor water and sanitation activities in every society of is of paramount importance to human and economic development.

Ale said that water is life and noted, “The metamorphosis from the regulatory unit into an agency was an act of enabling the agency to carry out its task fully without bias and intimidation.

“We recommend all stakeholders and Ekiti citizens to embrace the initiative as a means of protecting citizens and the environment.

“We are concerned about the need for the association, ie the Water Drilling Association, to self-regulate its practices.

“We also recommend that the new agency embrace partnership and collaboration rather than become a police station. Every operator in the drilling industry in Ekiti must be licensed to practice. “

The development guru advised Nigerians never to shy away from asking the practitioners in the water drilling field to submit their licenses or proof of their affiliation with professional water drilling agencies, such as AWDROP, before a drilling contract can be awarded.

His words: “Do not patronize anyone who claims to be a practitioner without a license or permit to be active in that field.

“Many plumbers now present themselves as downhole drills and many Nigerians are naive about who should do what.

“Why use a plumber to drill a borehole? Borehole is a multi-dimensional and highly complex skill, simplified by a trained professional.

“Drilling in a borehole is like performing a surgical procedure. So why will anyone submit to a quack doctor? Except out of ignorance or weakness.

“Downhole business is booming and these opportunities are created by the lack of regulation by states and the federal government, which allows many foreigners to do solid business at the expense of the uninformed citizens.

“Claim your entitlement and report any financial transaction or transaction to the regulatory authority in your country before it fails. Now is the best time to invest in drilling operations,” he advised.

Ale revealed that drilling operations make money and called on well-meaning Nigerians interested in investing their capital in the business to be properly supervised so that they don’t get into fraudulent transactions, especially with fake drills.

He revealed that many foreign scammers are now parading themselves into this industry as rig sellers, saying, “It is advisable that the interested Nigerians be kept informed of the sharp practices of the foreigners and report such acts to our association and regulatory body to prevent that they are being scammed. “

Ale, the agency also advised going beyond financial regulation by worrying about the technical regulations.

He said, “Drilling equipment is very expensive and sensitive, therefore it must be regulated to make money and get good returns for the investor without destroying our environment.

“Do not hesitate to report water business activities and obtain your permit before drilling. Citizens must be armed with the existing laws that direct regulatory operations. “

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