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Q: Dear Ed: I have decided to choose a farmhouse style sink for our new kitchen, but have a question. I like the open work area of ​​a large single bowl setup, but want a separate drain for a disposer. Any suggestions on how I can get both features? – Carol, Michigan

A: Sinks at the front of a farmhouse or apron often have a large workspace with a single bowl, and many homeowners add a garbage disposer to this single-drain setup. I do hear that if the single bowl is full of dirty dishes, it can be frustrating to access the disposer’s drain.

Kitchen sink manufacturers tackled this problem and found a clever way to add a second sink for the waste bin, while still keeping the work area open. Often referred to as a cleverly divided sink design, it is now found in many double bowl sinks, not just farmhouse sinks.

A clever divide is basically a shorter partition between the double sinks. The bottom partition offers easy bowl-to-bowl movement and makes the handles of pans and pans a lot easier to fit in the sink.

Finally, thanks to the separate garbage disposal, you no longer suffer from the frustrating grind of digging through those dirty dishes.

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