Peterman Brothers offer tips to fine tune summer energy use

Following a few simple suggestions can make a huge difference to both the consumer and the environment. These best practices help families stay comfortable during the dog days of summer without turning down the thermostat.

  • Keep the heat out: Use blinds, curtains and other window treatments to keep rooms cooler without increasing the use of air conditioning. While there are several purpose-built window treatments to save energy, standard materials also work well to keep heat at bay.
  • Set it up, but don’t forget: Find a comfortable temperature and keep the thermostat set. Remember that the closer your thermostat setting is to the outside temperature, the less energy your air conditioner will use. Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature when the house is empty increases efficiency and cuts costs. Using a programmable thermostat makes this even easier.
  • Become a fan of fans: Ceiling fans can make a room more comfortable without lowering the thermostat. Remember to turn off the fans when no one is in the room.
  • Do not heat the water: According to the Department of Energy, heating water accounts for about 18% of home energy consumption. Keep the water heater thermostats set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent scalding and save energy.
  • Do an equipment check-up: Regular maintenance is critical to keep air conditioning equipment running efficiently. Schedule a routine service visit with a qualified technician to ensure cooling systems are operating at full capacity. An inefficient unit can leave homeowners with an unwelcome surprise on their utility bills.

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