Panasonic unveils two new solar panel models at Intersolar

Today Panasonic will unveil two new EverVolt solar panel models at Intersolar, including a new 410/400-WH series with heterojunction technology (HJT) and the 370/360-W PK Black series, Panasonic’s first panels made with PERC technology.

EverVolt H Series stats:

  • 66 half-cut cells, HJT
  • 410-W, 22.2% efficient; 400W, 21.6% efficient
  • guaranteed power of at least 92% after 25 years

EverVolt PK Black Series Stats:

  • 60 half-cut cells, PERC
  • 370W, 20.3% efficient; 360W, 19.7% efficient
  • guaranteed power of at least 86% after 25 years

Both new models are covered by Panasonic’s Triple Guard and AllGuard warranties, which cover product, performance and labor for 25 years when installed by an authorized Panasonic, Premium or Elite installer and registered through the Panasonic website.

“More homeowners than ever are interested in solar, so offering a wide range of wattage, size and price options is essential to staying competitive in the market,” said Mukesh Sethi, director of solar and energy storage at Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America. “Panasonic has more than 20 years of experience in the solar industry and more than a century of innovation, but we now have more energy than ever about the future of residential solar solutions that we bring to the industry.”

The previously announced EverVolt 2.0 residential battery will also be on display at Intersolar. The new battery builds on the advanced energy storage technology of the first generation with improvements including:

  • Continuous power of 7.6 kW off-grid and 9.6 kW with grid
  • Two energy storage capacities (17.1 kWh or 25.65 kWh usable capacity) per system
  • Can be AC ​​and DC coupled, making it work with both new and existing solar systems
  • Consists of two main components: the floorstanding battery cabinet and a hybrid smart inverter with 4 MPPTs
  • Weatherproof design with an outdoor protection rating of IP55 (NEMA 3R)
  • A modular design that allows up to three systems to be stacked on top of each other to gain more power and energy storage capacity
  • Multiple operating modes including backup mode, residential mode, time-of-use mode and custom modes that can be set by the system owner

EverVolt 2.0 will ship in Q1 2022, while both module series will be available in Q2 2022.

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