Nexamp expands into utility-scale solar development market

Nexamp, a Northeast-based solar energy company, is expanding its business focus to include utility-scale solar development. The company, which currently operates hundreds of community solar projects across the country, will bring its expertise in project development, land management, design and construction, energy marketing and asset management to the new market.

“Building out utility-scale solar is not new, but it requires constant innovation to maintain competitive advantage,” noted new Nexamp tenant Marc-Alain Behar as VP of Utility Scale Solar Development. “Federal investment in infrastructure and the demand for a cleaner network will drive this market over the next decade. I came to Nexamp because I see huge potential to leverage the existing capabilities and knowledge around solar and energy storage to take it to the next level. I’m just excited to play a part in moving the nation toward a carbon-free future that will help deliver greater justice and a better quality of life.”

“As the nation focuses its attention and resources on rebuilding its energy infrastructure with renewable technology, solar energy at all scales will play an important role. Nexamp is well positioned to become a major player in the utility segment of the market, and under Marc-Alain’s leadership, we have already started preparations,” said Chris Clark, Nexamp’s Chief Development Officer.

Initially, Nexamp will focus on markets where it can best support customers in achieving their sustainability goals through the vertically integrated model. Typical customers for utility-scale solar and storage projects can be utilities, commercial or industrial (C&I) companies, or municipalities.

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