New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs two pro-solar bills into law

gov. Phil Murphy signed two important laws today that will help to: increase solar development throughout New Jersey.

The two bills were: S2605 and S3484.

The first bill establishes the SREC-II program with the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), which includes incentives for at least 1,500 MW of behind-the-meter solar installations and 750 MW of community solar by 2026. It also includes a new competitive application process to boost at least 1,500 MW of large-scale solar facilities by 2026, and develops location criteria for large-scale solar projects.

The second instructs the BPU to establish a “Dual-Use Solar Energy Pilot Program” authorizing up to 200 MW of solar energy projects on unconserved farmland. The measure ensures that agricultural production under and around the solar panels can be continued. It authorizes and promotes dual-use solar projects up to 10 MW each and lays the foundation for a permanent dual-use solar program.

“We commend Governor Murphy for signing S2605 and S3484 into law, which will establish a grid-scale solar development program in New Jersey and create a new pilot program for agricultural-compatible solar projects, including known as dual-use solar projects,” Scott Elias, senior state affairs manager, mid-Atlantic for SEIA, said in a statement. We need much more solar power of all shapes and sizes by 2035. While there are still many critical details for the Council of Public Utilities to determine, we commend the Governor, Senator Smith and the other law sponsors for making it clear that distributed solar, grid-scale solar, and dual-use solar are all critical components of the New Jersey’s energy future.”

News item from SEIA

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