NDSU Researcher Develops Soy-Based Roof Rejuvenator

(Fargo, ND) – A North Dakota State University researcher is developing a new product that can be applied to asphalt shingles to soften them, increase their repairability and extend the life of existing roofing materials.

The product comes from senior research engineer James Bahr’s patented soy-based dust suppressant used to control excessive road dust. Recent trials with a roofing company show that a modified version can be used to rejuvenate and soften aged asphalt.

Research will continue through June 2022 to modify the existing formula and test different variations on aged shingles. The formulas are made at NDSU and tested on an outdoor fixture of older singles on campus. After months of exposure, the shingles are removed and tested in the lab to measure the efficacy of the various treatments.

Once developed, this new product will be offered to roofing companies and individuals at an affordable price for purchase online and at local hardware stores. The aim of the research is to develop a formula that can be applied by the owner with an ordinary garden sprayer. NDSU plans to partner with BioBlend LLC to manufacture, market and sell the optimized formula once the project is complete.

“There are more than 112 million homes in the United States with asphalt roofs,” Bahr said. “For an average roof, four to five buckets of ready-to-use material are needed. If only two percent of homes are treated, the amount of soybean oil would be equivalent to 11 million bushels.”

The research was funded by the North Dakota Soybean Research Council.

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