National study shows what homeowners really want from their roofs

Replace your roof? Insights from a new nationwide survey can help you better understand the many facets of this important decision.

From the “2021 Roof Purchasing Study” conducted by Signet Research Inc. for DaVinci Roofscapes, it appears that consumers want sustainable roofs.

Nearly 85% of those surveyed indicate that sustainability has a significant impact on the type of roof they would buy. The longevity of a roofing product was the second biggest influencer, followed by severe weather resistance.

Mother Nature matchup

Survey results indicate that severe weather damage is the most likely event to prompt homeowners to replace their current roofs, followed by the age of their existing roof. This may interest you : LCBC brings Firecracker Classic to Longview – Longview Daily News.

If it is necessary to replace the roof, 32% of respondents say they are “very likely” or “probably” to consider a fake roof product, such as composite slate or rocking materials, which typically withstand severe weather and are known for a long lifespan.

“Mother Nature regularly slams roofs,” said Mark Pagel, general manager of DaVinci Roofscapes. “Homeowners recognize that hail, high winds and severe weather can take their toll on roofs. They respond by looking for roofing materials that can withstand strong weather conditions.

“While price is an important consideration, survey respondents are more focused on value. They are interested in investing in durable roofing materials, such as synthetic slate and shaker tiles, that are guaranteed to withstand harsh weather conditions.”

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Roofers are influential

When it came time to select a specific brand of roofing material, 61% of homeowners surveyed were looking for a high-quality product. This may interest you : Man charged after allegedly shooting a gun near roofers. To find that roofing brand, 57% rely on their contractor for recommendations, which is more than family and friends (35%), or even their own personal experiences with a brand (37%).

“Homeowners understand that they can only opt for a new roof once or twice in their lives,” Pagel says. “They also understand that contractors make these decisions many times a year for their projects. The survey shows that homeowners respect and value the recommendation of contractors who regularly work with different construction products.”

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10-year comparison

A national survey sponsored by DaVinci Roofscapes in 2011 provides insight into the changes in consumer attitudes toward their homes over the past decade. See the article : Global Stone Coated Steel Roofing Market 2020-2025. In a comparison of the 2011 Color Study (conducted by Harris Research) and the 2021 Roof Purchasing Study, the results show:

• Strong growth in the number of homeowners who value the attractiveness of their personal property over the past decade (78% considered it “extreme” or “very important” in 2011 compared to 88% with a similar opinion in 2021).

• An increase in the number of homeowners who see the exterior of their home as a reflection of their personality (71% in 2011; 85% in 2021).

• While sustainability is the biggest influence on roofing purchases, the second most popular influencer has changed dramatically. In 2011, longevity was the second answer. In 2021, that has changed in pricing, up from the number 8 position 10 years ago.

• Severe weather damage remains the #1 reason to replace a roof. However, in 2011, 65% said severe weather would lead to the purchase of a new roof (9% of which reported current roof damage as a result of a weather-related event), compared to 57% in 2021 (of which 32% reported a roof currently damaged by severe weather conditions). again ).

• While 23% of homeowners said they replaced their roof because of age in 2011, 44% (almost double that) said age was the reason for replacing a roof in the 2021 survey.

• Color preference has remained consistent. Black is still the most popular roof color, followed by grey, brown and beige/tan.

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