“Nailed” Florida Man, Owner Of Roofing Business Arrested For Grand Theft In Multiple Counties

In late 2018, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) initiated an investigation into a local roofing company, Elite Roofing and Gutters Incorporated, owned and operated by Crystal River’s 38-year-old Jason Lee Beville, for fraudulent business practices.

“Beville has shown a total lack of integrity and a willingness to take advantage of our trusting citizens. Fraudulent activity and assaulting homeowners will not be tolerated here in Citrus County, ”said Sheriff Mike Prendergast. “Detective Ramos, in conjunction with our fellow sheriff’s offices and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, has invested countless hours and resources to ensure that Beville is held accountable for his actions.”

Detective Robaldo Ramos of the CCSO Serious Crime Unit was assigned several cases in which Beville, operating in his official business capacity, was the suspect. Multiple victims told officials that Beville had taken thousands of dollars in down payments for roof repairs or replacements, and never actually completed the contracted work.

During his investigation, Detective Ramos found that Beville’s fraudulent practices were not only limited to Citrus County, but also involved more victims in both Brevard and Osceola County. Based on the two Citrus County cases involving the roofing industry’s fraudulent practices, Detective Ramos was able to obtain an arrest warrant for Beville. On April 23, 2019, CCSO officials arrested Beville on the warrant and charged him with two felonies for major theft.

As a result of the fraudulent practices in several counties, the two Citrus County cases, along with a third case reported later, were turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for statewide investigation and prosecution.

Based on the findings of the FDLE investigation, a second arrest warrant was issued on May 26, 2021 for Beville’s arrest for the charge of theft in excess of $ 20,000.00 but less than $ 100,000.00.

On Thursday, Beville turned himself in at the Citrus County Detention Facility, where he was arrested on warrant with a lump sum bail of $ 10,000.00 per warrant.

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