Morgan Solar releases asset management hardware and software set for utility-scale market

The Morgan Solar IV DAQ provides accurate full IV curve traces as well as panel voltage, current, temperature and string current.

Morgan Solar has announced the certification and launch of the IV-DAQ, an in-situ IV curve tracer and ancillary Analytics Portal. The combined hardware-software offering will disrupt the solar energy management market by enabling deep data and insights of unprecedented quality and all-in cost. The new IoT sensor is the latest innovation in Morgan Solar’s portfolio of lighting management solutions for the utility and building-integrated solar markets.

The hardware software offering will disrupt the solar asset management market by enabling deep data and insights.

The IV DAQ provides accurate full IV curve traces as well as panel voltage, current, temperature and string current. The web-based Analytics Portal, among other meteorological sensors, captures data from the IV DAQ and presents a range of tools for presentation and analysis. By capturing data as often as once per minute, users can get robust data sets in a short amount of time. This makes it possible to track key performance factors that were difficult to isolate and monitor to be validated and quantified, from bifacial performance to potential-induced degradation and more. In addition, the integrated performance data is accurately translated to standard test conditions and compared to the age-dependent guaranteed performance of the modules. The result is enabling a ‘digital twin’ of a solar power plant with real-time insight into the potential, actual and guaranteed performance of a project.

“An important way for companies to achieve their ESG goals is to increase the use of new solar technologies, which in turn requires them to be affordable,” said Hugo Navarro, VP at Morgan Solar. “By using IV DAQs and the Analytics Portal to create the digital twin of a project, we help validate those technologies and lead the way to better project design and operation.”

Morgan Solar developed and used the IV DAQ for about eight years to support its own module development. The decision to release it as a standalone product was driven by feedback from partners that it solves the problems that previously made obtaining this data unaffordable. The units are easy to install, stand up and are effectively cable-free. The module under test supplies power and communication with the Analytics Portal through a gateway is wireless. In addition to such savings on labor and system balance, curve traces are taken during operation and no expensive downtime is required. IV DAQs also address the O&M industry’s need for degradation-adjusted performance ratios and quantify the cost-benefit ratio of its services.

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