Mohawk unveils Roadshow educational program

EducationalDalton—While much of the upcoming Mohawk Momentum Roadshows in 2022 will certainly focus on new products and innovations, it won’t be the only draw for attendees. Mohawk also plans to hold several informative and timely educational sessions that address relevant topics and themes.

“At Mohawk, one of the things we’re really excited about—and really proud of—is that we provide great education,” said Angela Duke, senior director of residential marketing at Mohawk. “With the postponement of the Edge Summit 2021, we have tried to turn around and really look at learning opportunities that we could bring to the Roadshows.”

In developing the session themes, Mohawk surveyed approximately 3,000 retail partners to better understand the issues they face every day and learn how Mohawk could provide guidance and educational assistance. What started as a list of about 20 potential topics, Mohawk — based on feedback from retailers — narrowed the options down to the top three.

“We wanted to know what the retailers needed to learn and, more specifically, what they wanted to get from Mohawk,” explains Duke. “The three topics we identified were the ones that really stood out.”

The three one-hour classes, which take place once a day at the Roadshows in Philadelphia, Chicago, Huntington Beach and Atlanta, are as follows:

Unlock Your Potential—Edge Program Updates

Research from Mohawk shows that approximately 67% of floor purchases start online. That’s why it’s critical that retailers learn how to optimize their digital presence and generate better leads to drive continued growth in line with today’s consumer shopping behavior. Through a panel discussion format, attendees will also learn all the exciting new updates to Edge in 2022 and how Mohawk plans to break the button on things that matter most to the retailer’s business.

“Without Summit this year, we wanted to create an opportunity to have one-on-one with retailers,” explains Duke. “The retailers will be able to talk to other people in the showroom in the Customer Success Area, but this particular class is really about unlocking more potential for those retailers and how the Edge go-to-market strategy will help them succeed in their business.” Affairs. So it’s just a little bit of a deeper dive to help them learn more about what we’re doing at Edge.”

Finding (and retaining) quality employees

One of the most challenging aspects of running a small business is finding and retaining employees. During this session, participants will learn from leading industry experts how fellow retailers have found success in dealing with these issues and how to plan accordingly. “This one is especially relevant to our current situation and economy,” Duke noted. “Tips for retaining good staff are in high demand at the moment, so for many retailers that’s a bull’s eye.”

Sell ​​beyond function – Floors are in fashion

Studies show that consumers give high priority to how a floor purchase will make their home look and feel. To that end, selling inspiration and style requires a different approach than selling product features. This session will discuss how to successfully position a floor as a fashion accessory for your home.

According to Mohawk, the educational sessions will be organized in such a way that retailers can maximize their time on the show floor without worrying about missing out on educational opportunities. How it works: When retailers register online to attend the specific Roadshow in their region, they are invited to register for the educational classes at the same time. Meanwhile, since the showroom visits are “by appointment only,” retailers can book their classes without scheduling conflicts.

“Retailers can work closely with our showroom team to make sure they make arrangements in line to do their tours,” Duke said. “At the same time, when they register, we can determine when they also want to follow their training. So hopefully the way it’s lined up is that they can come in, take a class, and then go to the showroom – or vice versa.

Whatever classes of retailers choose, Mohawk encourages store visitors to make their respective reservations as soon as possible. According to Mohawk, nearly 25% of educational class seats were claimed within the first week of enrollment opening.

Participants may register online here.

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