Mohawk recognized as top sustainable supplier

Green Builder Media index mohawkCalhoun, Ga. – Mohawk Industries was recognized as the most sustainable flooring supplier by Green builder on the ‘Green Builder Media 2021 Brand Index’. According to Mohawk, green professionals ranked Mohawk as a leader in terms of products and initiatives and identified the brand as a sustainable thought leader.

“At Mohawk, we are constantly evolving to meet the latest sustainable needs of all of our customers,” said Scott Gibson, senior director of sales operations, Mohawk builder and multi-family. “We strive to be a single source partner with innovative and environmentally friendly product solutions. This distinction further helps us to distinguish ourselves from the competition. “

Green Builder Media’s Brand Index combines macro market trends with results from its long-term research, Reader’s Choice, which aims to measure each brand’s position among consumers and professional audiences. The brand index is calculated by three elements: the Cognition Smart Data sentiment score, the Cognition Smart Data mentions, and the Reader’s Choice survey 2021.

  • The first criterion of the brand index, the Cognition Smart Data sentiment score, takes into account readers’ attitudes, opinions and emotions when talking about brands online and on social media.
  • The second criterion, the Cognition Smart Data listings, tracks the number of mentions a brand receives compared to other companies.
  • The third criterion, the Reader’s Choice survey 2021, measures how readers rate each company on sustainability.

Cognition Smart Data is Green Builder Media’s marketing intelligence and data service. It uses cognitive learning technology that generates insights into behavioral patterns, purchase drivers, sentiment and innovations that are transforming markets, Mohawk said. Cognition Smart Data is designed to focus on leading topics such as net zero, healthy homes, renewable energy, resilient construction and smart homes. Green Builder Media transforms market intelligence into meaningful and actionable business intelligence, providing valuable insights about consumer needs and business performance, Mohawk said.

“Mohawk is aware of sustainability and values ​​it as a top priority, so we are so honored to be held to such a high standard on the brand index list,” Gibson said. “By being chosen as the best flooring supplier, Mohawk shows that he is at the forefront and truly understands the importance of environmentally friendly products. We don’t just want to reach readers’ expectations, but exceed them. “

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