Mohawk introduces RevWood Premier with Signature Technology

Calhoun, Ga.—Mohawk has introduced Signature Technology, which is said to achieve a wood floor that is indistinguishable from natural hardwood. Launching in 2022 on RevWood Premier, Mohawk’s Signature Technology reveals realistic beauty with artistic precision and gives retailers the differentiation they need to win in a crowded wood market, the company said.

“Signature Technology is the most advanced wood decor available on the market today,” said Seth Arnold, vice president of marketing, hard surface. “This will be a big year for our retailers. RevWood Premier will be the best looking, most waterproof, highest-performing wood floor at a price consumers will value and a margin retailers will love. Products like this come around once in a decade, and the early adapters will reap the greatest rewards. This will revolutionize wood in the same way SmartStrand Silk changed the game for carpet. It will forever change what both consumers and retailers expect from their floors.”

Signature Technology captures natural designs by scanning, cataloging and preserving the extraordinary detail and variety common to each wood species. The microdata is then transferred to a flooring plank. The variety and detail of these natural features are often lost in the low fidelity digital conversions that currently make up the flooring industry standard.

“We transfer 64 layers of information onto exclusive, specially crafted Signature plates that create a multidimensional beauty you can see and feel,” explained David Moore, senior product director, wood. “Then Signature’s clarity finish achieves four-times more resolution than previous methods and contains up to 1,000 unique colors in every square inch. The result is flooring that is indistinguishable from the original, both in look and feel.”

The Premier line will also feature enhanced protection from CleanProtect, Mohawk’s leading antimicrobial solution with built-in Activeguard technology that prevents bacteria’s growth, keeping floors cleaner and homes healthier for longer. In 2022, retailers can expect new RevWood Premier displays to highlight CleanProtect and feature the natural beauty capabilities of Signature technology, showcasing the line as the ultimate trade-up.

“RevWood Premier changes everything we thought possible in flooring,” Moore said. “At Mohawk, we are deeply invested in developing new technologies—from Signature, for the most realistic wood visuals, to CleanProtect, the only technology for antimicrobial protection, to WetProtect, for floors guarded against water damage. We’re also taking bold action by investing in domestic manufacturing. These are all major investments no one else is making, and all of them combine to create the highest performing wood on the market today – a flooring solution where we can control quality and offer the availability that retailers need to win the market.”

As RevWood Premier serves a market need for high-performing wood alternatives that are indistinguishable from natural hardwoods, Mohawk is also expanding its RevWood Plus line to offer an even wider selection of flooring with enhanced, realistic visuals. RevWood Plus will feature 10 new products to help retailers provide exceptional value to consumers, including 8mm styles and budget-conscious options.

“RevWood is a whole new game—the most beautiful products combined with unbeatable performance and tremendous value for consumers,” Arnold added. “Others may be able to offer some features and benefits, but no one can match this perfect combination of beauty, performance and value. With RevWood, retailers get a reliable, available product that will differentiate them on the market and generate profitability. It just doesn’t get better than that.”

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