Milestone introduces carbon neutral tile

MilestoneClarksville, Tenn.-Milestone, Florim USA’s distributed brand, CEO, Rodolfo Panisi, announced two sustainability milestones for the brand. The first is Milestone’s invested promise to be fully carbon neutral by 2030. To validate that commitment, the company has introduced its first completely carbon neutral tile with its Plaster 2.0 collection.

“Our responsibility to design innovative quality products is a duty not only to our customers, but also to our environment and community,” said Panisi. “In other words, as we focus on designing beautiful, cutting-edge commercial and residential spaces, we must remain conscious as we contribute to our communities and natural ecosystems.”

These conscious steps are not new efforts for the manufacturer. The company has several certifications for its ongoing sustainability efforts, including Green Squared, a multi-attribute ANSI standard. It is also the recipient of numerous regional and national awards, including TN Recycler of the Year for 2020. Recently, Florim USA also participated in the first published Material Transparency Study conducted by the TCNA. The study provides a transparent picture of the materials used in the manufacturing process and the health assessments associated with those materials. Thanks to these efforts, Milestone contributes to LEED and WELL certification points.

According to the company, Plaster 2.0 brings these efforts to a global environmental level. “Climate change requires that we take conscious steps that contribute to this generation and generations to come,” Panisi said. “Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it’s an action, and we hope our actions inspire others to join us in this impactful step. Now is the time to take responsibility.”

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