Meyer Burger announces three lines of HJT modules surpassing 400 W

Meyer Burger, the Swiss company that until recently produced heterojunction technology (HJT) production equipment for major solar panel brands, now makes its own modules for mass production. The company today released its product line which will be available across Europe and the United States.

Three product lines, all using heterojunction / SmartWire technology in its own manufacturing facilities in Germany, have been unveiled: traditional white backsheet modules, black backsheet modules and bifacial dual-glass modules.

The modules have an efficiency of 21.8% and reach or exceed 400 W within the “traditional” module size. Meyer Burger is not yet reaching for large cell sizes.

“We optimize our solar panels for maximum energy yield. They create decisive differences from conventional products, ”said Moritz Borgmann, responsible for global sales and marketing as Managing Director of Meyer Burger (Industries) GmbH. “The next generation of solar cells, which we connect together with our patented SmartWire interconnect technology, enable our customers to achieve up to 20% higher energy yield on the same roof area.”

The Meyer Burger White, Black and Glass modules are ideal for the roof market for residential and small commercial customers. Meyer Burger solar panels have a homogeneous ‘full cell’ appearance, even though half cells are used. In addition, Meyer Burger uses a special backsheet that increases the robustness and durability of the modules, with performance guarantees of more than 92% for the Meyer Burger White and “Meyer Burger Black” after 25 years, and even more than 93% for the Meyer Burger Glass after 30 years. Meyer Burger Glass comes with a 90% bifaciality factor, with a combined power rating of over 430W.

For the sale of its new high-efficiency solar panels, Meyer Burger works with leading international distributors, including: BayWa re, IBC Solar, KdiSolar, Krannich Solar, Memodo, Solarmarkt, Solen Energy Europe and Sonepar Germany. Installers can now order from partners, with delivery of the first modules before the end of July 2021.

Meyer Burger’s new production facilities in Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Freiberg, Germany, will open at the end of May and then gradually begin mass production. In the first phase, a nominal annual capacity of 400 MW will be set up, which should be expanded to 5 GW by 2026.

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