Merit Controls releases new tools enabling large-scale solar projects to provide ancillary grid services

Merit Controls, a provider of grid integration products and services for large-scale renewable energy power plants, has announced a new high-response Power Plant Controls (PPC). platform that can enable solar plant owners to generate additional income from lucrative side markets, maintain more stable operations, and meet national and regional grid requirements.

Historically, fast-growing fossil fuel power plants and more recently battery energy storage systems (BESS) have been the dominant supply sources for ancillary services markets. The flexible capacity of these sources helps to maintain safe grid operation, balancing generation fluctuations and real-time load. With increased responsiveness, solar power plant owners who traditionally could not participate now have the potential to meet the performance demands of the support services markets with Merit Controls’ new rapid response PPC.

“Our grid, which is dominated by renewable energy, is inherently challenging given the volatility of wind and solar, and requires responsive capacity in the form of ancillary services to maintain grid stability and reliability. Our advanced PPC technology is designed to manage all types of support services, especially fast frequency response,” said Tom Kuster, CEO of Merit Controls. “This new offering marks another milestone in our strategy to deliver transformative technology that reduces greenhouse gases and decarbonises the global economy.”

News item from Merit Controls

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