Meet The Ruffian 190R, A Purpose-Built Snowbike Made To Shred Slopes

The Ruffian is lightweight and allows riders to start it even when the bike is stationary with both feet on the ground.

If you are looking for a vehicle to drive on mountain roads, you cannot go wrong with a Range Rover that can drive on one of the highest peaks in China. Or as high-altitude tracks like Pike’s Peak, supercars like the Porsche 935 and the 2021 Acura TLZ can get that job done with ease. But if you stay on the trails, you’re really missing out on a lot of fun that can only be achieved by stomping a few moguls and shredding mondo snowflakes. And that’s where the Ruffian 190R snow bike comes in handy.

Ruffian’s size and weight make it easy to handle

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According to the folks at Grind Hard Plumbing Co., who released this YouTube video on Friday, the Ruffian 190R is the first bike designed exclusively for use on snow surfaces and now available to consumers. It’s also handy because it’s about the size of a pre-teen two-wheeler and light enough for a full-grown adult to get off the ground.

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The advantage of the Ruffian’s size and weight is that a person can start when the bike is stationary with both feet on the ground and not have to struggle with a heavy beast on the slopes. When you sit on the Ruffian while it is in motion, weight is applied to the track to enhance traction, especially if the snow bike hits a piece of ice. Plus, there may be half a foot between the edges of the track and the ski, making it easier for a rider to control the bike.

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A 190 cc single-cylinder engine provides the power

Powering this Ruffian is a small one, Single cylinder 190 cc engine with a four-valve, four-stroke setup that runs on unleaded fuel and is air-cooled. It also features a five-speed manual transmission with a one-down, four-speed shift pattern (neutral is between first and second gears). It can also be started in two ways, which is useful depending on the harshness of the weather: choose from electric or kick start.

But what makes this Ruffian a really nice ride is a monorail track that curves when the bike travels over uneven surfaces. And since there is only one narrow track on the bike, riders can lean into turns much easier than if they were riding a larger snow-covered vehicle.

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This Ruffian’s Nimble On The Mountain

While testing the Ruffian, a Grind Hard ride marveled at its flexibility on snowy mountainous terrain. The biggest part is that it is so maneuverable due to the short distance between the ski and the track, as if it gets super sharp and because of how low it is you can lean forward without feeling like it is hitting it. you, ”he said.

One person who fell off the bike during testing managed to avoid that predicament. The Ruffian fell to the side, innocent away from the rider.

But seriously, there is one downside to weekend warriors. With the spring release of this Ruffian, people who don’t live near mountains will have to wait a few months before trying it on the slopes.

Source: Grind Hard Plumbing Company Villain

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