Mechatron Solar receives patent for gearless technology used in dual-axis trackers

Mechatron Solar has been approved for a US patent for its dual-axis tracker design that uses gearless technology with a dual-brake design to rotate the system’s 90-panel platform around the azimuth axis. The United States Patent and Trademark Office approved the Mechatron design on July 23, after a 30-month evaluation.

Credit: Mechatron Solar

The gearless, single-line ball bearing ring design has been tested to operate in extreme weather conditions with high winds ranging from desert to frigid places, and has performed well in conditions where geared trackers show cracks and failures.

The zenith or north-south axis activation of the M18KD tracker is performed with standardized hydraulic components refined for sub-zero operations. The zenith axis can move from a flat position to a maximum slope of 70°, making it easier to shed snow and dirt. The azimuth axis can rotate 360°. The tracker’s performance is enhanced by an advanced astronomical algorithm software platform, GPS and other sensors.

The M18KD dual axis tracker has a system footprint that allows dual use of the land for parking, farming, grazing and others. The company recently announced two new models that are also based on the same backlash-less gearing technology. The M16KD agricultural model has extra space between vertical panel stacks to allow more light to reach the crops below the tracker. The M10KD residential model has a smaller 49-panel table to better fit into limited space requirements.

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