Mapei launches Planiprep 4 LVT

Deerfield Beach, Florida — Planiprep 4 LVT, a new highly moisture resistant skim coat and embossing leveler from Mapei, can be used to level and smooth existing ceramic and stone surfaces. The acrylic resin based premixed product is designed for use in residential and commercial indoor applications.

“It can be used to level up to a feathered edge or in layers up to 1.5mm thick,” said Jeff Johnson, business manager for flooring installation systems. “Planiprep 4 LVT dries quickly and sands easily. It can be used to fill relief on existing vinyl floors as well as grout lines on existing tiles for floor and wall installations.

Planiprep 4 LVT cures quickly, allowing the installation of luxury vinyl tiles within two hours of product application. “It is also formulated to dry without shrinkage, reducing the need for secondary applications to fill in relief or depressions,” explains Johnson.

Planiprep 4 LVT can be used as a smooth, fine textured finish over existing resilient floors, LVT and luxury vinyl plank, ceramic tile and stone materials. It can also be used successfully on traditional substrates including concrete, approved wood underlayments, plaster underlayments, cement based self-levelling underlayments and plasters and fiber cement boards.

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